We would and do recommend Dawn Braithwaite to anyone looking for a home

Beginning in the spring of 2009 my wife and I began a search in the Bergen County area for a Home to move into with our two young children and two dogs. Our search was a unique challenge as the market was a terribly disjointed market where price
discovery was becoming more of an art than a science given the recent market events that began in early 2008. Our price range was 1.250‐2mm dollars.
Victoria and I have bought and sold several homes over our 17 years together but never had we had the stress associated with this particular move. Our two boys were under the age of 3 and our lease was expiring on in September.
We, at the beginning of our search, were working with another agent before meeting Dawn Braithwaite at an open house in Ramsey, NJ. Upon meeting Dawn we made her our exclusive agent. She impressed us in many ways. Dawn’s organizational
skills, time management, intuition as to our needs, and her great ability to listen are what compelled us to join her team in finding our home.
Dawn quickly began the search for us and we quickly started to feel more comfortable that we would find the house of our dreams and didn’t feel rushed. She gave us good advice, as to our lease situation, which bought us time in regards to
our search. We felt more in control with Dawn being on our team.
As certain homes became interesting to us the price discovery issue loomed quite large. The gap between buyers and sellers expectations in 2009 was the largest perhaps ever in the real estate business (especially in the > 1.5mm dollar range).
We found 3 homes that we made offers on which we walked away from on Dawn’s
advice as the sellers were unrealistic as to the current market value (these homes remain unsold in 2011).
We finally settled on two homes in Ridgewood, NJ. We were making an offer on one but then decided to seek Dawn’s advice on a dream home but one that seemingly was over our budget. Dawn had done some extensive market analysis and gave us
confidence that we could be aggressive and go for it as the sellers were motivated in her opinion.
We got the house of our dreams for 1.710mm dollars and couldn’t be happier. If it wasn’t for meeting Dawn we would be in a much less desirable neighborhood with a smaller property and house. Dawn Braithwaite through her tireless love for the
business and people far exceeded our expectations. We would and do recommend Dawn Braithwaite to anyone looking for a home.

David and Victoria Petrie
(Ridgewood NJ)

— David and Vicki Petrie